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August 25, 2017

For me it was a great experience, love the atmospherein London.

Especially in this old school gym, people are very into their own work outs. Folks there go to their game limits and kill it pretty intense.

So happy to had that opportunity to work out there. Looking forwar...

August 25, 2017

Darwin Reina Has Finally Finished Shooting His Don't Forget to Breathe and It Only Took 5 days to shoot it. and 1 Year of Pre - Production.

 Some Behind the scenes "Don't Forget To Breathe"

July 21, 2016

La premiere Jaska the Killer 3, La saga de un asesino "Jaska" de Darwin Reina, película producida por DRTV Productions y 3R Films que recibió ayuda de la Asociación Mundial de Gigantes y Asociación Mundial de Cine y Televisión, tendrá lugar el día Viernes 5 de agosto a...

June 8, 2016

Time-lapse videos are quickly taking over the world of travel photography and I am being part of it. Whether it’s clouds, stars, sunsets or city scenes, compressing hours of footage into a few seconds of visual narrative speaks right to heart of many creatives like mys...

April 20, 2016

Out of all the gyms, this is probably the one that most people want to visit, and specially ME because it's considered the mecca-mother-of-all gyms. 


For the hardcore lifter, this gym has everything you want and more. The variety of machines they have and you di...

November 17, 2015

As a gymrat addicted, posing to me is as much part of the sport as training, dietand sleep. But what about the regular gym rat, who most likely will never step on stage? I am convinced that posing can help anyone anyone during their quest for a better physique.





November 17, 2015



Well let me tell ya... Quantity is not as important as when its consumed. You can consume some extra sugar without any problem if you consume it at the right time, such as post workout or in the morning. This means that almost all of your sugar should be consumed pos...