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A Hell of a Trip to Delicias

Director: Darwin Reina

Written Darwin Reina & Scott Simpson

Produced by Steven Willbur Wilbur, Darwin Reina, Rubi Rios & Julio Moran Suarez,

Starring:  Jennifer Eagle, J.J. DuffyAlessandro Fiorucci, Tamia Dow & Isaac Reyes

Status: Post - Production

Locations: Granada, NIcaragua

Dates of Shooting: OCT - NOV 2022


Ecotourists visiting Granada explore its rich colonial heritage and architecture, and explore the looming caldera of El Mombacho. That is, for those fortunate to stay anywhere besides Hotel "Delicias". But for Matthew and Ashley, two trust fund kids from the States, they picked the wrong hotel. As do the two Italian tourists they meet at the hotel, and who then mysteriously vanish. Suffice it to say that 500 years of colonial rule, with the rape and cultural genocide, has left a lot of bad juju among some of the natives. And they will exact their revenge, if you're unfortunate enough to pick Hotel "Delicias". So stay at Hotel "Delicias" , for a hell of a trip to Granada.

A Hell of a Trip to Delicias - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Darwin Reina

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