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deseo equivocado

Director: Darwin Reina

Written Darwin Reina, Eric Ayala & Lee Bailes

Produced by Darwin Reina,Rubi Rios, Julio Moran Suarez, Lee Bailes and Alejandro Roldan

Starring:  Pedro Cayuela, Natalia Alejandra Fernández & Jésus del Cacho & Raul de la Cruz

Status: Post - Production

Locations: Barcelona, Spain

Dates of Shooting: Aug 2020


"Do not lust after her beauty in your heart or let her captivate you with her eyes. Proverbs 6:25" MARIANO RIVERA is an earnest law student jogging along the Playa de Bogatell in Barcelona when a chance encounter with a beguiling Argentinian, REBECA CIFUENTES, interrupts his plan and changes his course. MARIANO is instantly attracted to REBECA to the point of distraction. His obsession causes this unsuspecting academic to fall into the deadly trap the deceptive vixen has set for him. MARIANO is warned that in life there are three rules to follow. Forgetting the principle imperative; "No te fies de una mujer" [never trust a woman], ultimately costs him everything.

Deseo Equivocado - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Darwin Reina


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