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Director: Darwin Reina

Written by Lee Bailes & Darwin Reina

Produced by Rubi Rios, Julio Moran Suarez and Jesus Gonzalez Contreras

Star: Sonia Maceda, Bernat Muñoz, Estefanía Ortega Rubi Rios and Marc Serra.

Status: Finished

Locations: Barcelona Spain

Dates of Shooting: July 2017


"Sometimes love doesn't just hurt, it kills. But will Sofia realize this before it's too late?"

Sometimes love doesn't just hurt, it can kill. That's the realisation that one young woman must come to, if she is to find freedom. Sofia refuses to admit that she is in an abusive and controlling relationship and must come to terms with this if she is to take her friend, Anna's advice and save herself. But will Paco stop her? Will his violent love steal the very air she breathes?

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DFTB - Darwin Reina

Don't Forget To Breathe - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Darwin Reina

Don't Forget To Breathe | Full Short Film (AWARD-WINNING) - Directed by Darwin Reina


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