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Gold´s Gym - Venice California

Out of all the gyms, this is probably the one that most people want to visit, and specially ME because it's considered the mecca-mother-of-all gyms.

darwin reina golds gym

For the hardcore lifter, this gym has everything you want and more. The variety of machines they have and you didn't even know existed are here in this gym. If there's an elusive muscle group you want to work out, they most likely have a machine for that.

Free weights, machines, cables, they have it all. It's not fancy, but it's big. The parking can be challenging, but they have a few different lots scattered around the block as well as street parking if you can find it. Plus there are always some famous bodybuilding around that´s great! I saw a Lou Ferrigno but I was so unsured to ask for a selfie! well I guess next time! There will be a next time for sure I am Coming back!!!!

The outdoor Gym is Freaking AWESOME!!!!

darwin reina golds gym

Day passes are $20 unless you have a Gold's membership.

360 Hampton Dr Venice, CA 90291 Venice.

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